Introducing the PressGang Documentation Guide

The PressGang Documentation Guide is the canonical reference for JBoss developers and content authors. It contains an exhaustive list of XML elements compatible with jDocBook and Publican. The guide also specifies grammar guidelines that will improve the readability of your documentation. If you want to make your project documentation compatible with Publican and jDocBook, the guide explains how to achieve this.

Take the time to read the guide; you might find some information you can use immediately in your project documentation.

Viewing the Guide

The PressGang Documentation Guide is hosted on Hudson, and is available for viewing in the following formats.
JBoss Documentation GuideCC-BY-SAHTML
Downloads: 154434
JBoss Documentation GuideCC-BY-SAHTML (Single Page)
Downloads: 154434
JBoss Documentation GuideCC-BY-SAPDF
Downloads: 435
Note: Downloads counter is updated once per day.

Where is the Source

We use Git to manage our source code. The repositories are located at

You will require Maven v2.2.0 or higher. The maven-jdocbook-plugin does not need to be installed locally to publish the guide.

The PressGang Documentation Guide has detailed instructions for setting up Maven on both Windows, and Linux.

In addition to the standard mvn compile, the following profiles are available:

  • mvn compile -Phtml
  • mvn compile -Phtml-single
  • mvn compile -Ppdf

Raising Bugs

If you find information that is incorrect in the PressGang Documentation Guide, raise an enhancement request directly using JIRA. You can raise a ticket under the PressGang project. The PressGang Docs Guide is a component of this project.

The JIRA component page for the PressGang Documentation Guide is located here:

Guide Feedback

The PressGang Documentation Guide is only as good as the content within.

We actively encourage you to discuss the PressGang Documentation Guide with us in the #PressGang room, or through the JBoss Community Forums.

We want to hear from you if:

  • You have a great idea for the guide that could help other projects with their documentation.
  • You have found something you think needs improvement.
  • You want to refine some of the scripts we mention in the guide.
  • You have a different approach that works for your Maven documentation builds.