Fly Your Colours

The pressgang-tools Base Styles, also known as the JBoss Documentation Look and Feel (L&F), are the soft blue and gray styles that many projects use for their XML documentation. You can see the default documentation look and feel showcased in the PressGang Documentation Guide.

If you are using the maven-jdocbook-plugin to produce your XML documentation, you'll be familiar with the base L&F already.

Many projects use the base L&F as a starting point for their project's specific look and feel. Projects often implement XSLT overrides on certain aspects of the base styles to further customize their project's look and feel.

Where Do I Get It

pressgang-tools is available for use right now, if your project uses Maven. You'll need the following depenencies activated in your project pom:

  • maven-jdocbook-plugin
  • pressgang-tools
  • one of the following: pressgang-xslt, or pressgang-xslt-ns.

The JBoss Documentation Guide has a Chapter dedicated to setting up your documentation pom.xml file, including a sample pom.xml you can use.

You can also experiment with the snapshots, which are built nightly. The snapshots are only released to the Nexus repositories when they are built successfully. Visit the Downloads menu or Build menu for links to the snapshot location.

Raising Bugs

If you discover something in pressgang-tools that you think should be fixed, raise an enhancement request directly using JIRA.

You can raise a ticket directly under the PressGang project. PressGang Tools is a component of this project.

The JIRA component page for pressgang-tools is located here:

Got Some Feedback For Us

We actively encourage you to discuss pressgang-tools with us through the JBoss Community Forums.

We want to hear from you if:

  • You have a great idea that could help other projects that inherit the pressgang-tools Base Styles.
  • You have found something you think needs improvement.
  • You would like to use your CSS and XSLT experience to help us maintain the components in this project (desperately needed).